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Stephane Dujourdy For more than 40 years Stephane Dujourdy is a leader in computer programming,
specialized in interactive numeric television and custom information system.

He was responsible for the design, conception and implementation of many interactive systems using the highly acclaimed Amiga Multitasking Operating System.
His background includes Senior development positions at S.F.C. group, Janal group, DVS communication in programming PC, Amiga, Atari, Psion and Macintosh Technologies.

He was also the creator of :

  • the Forum9R software (the first integrate software specialized in managing numeric TV in Europe, late 1991)
  • the first automatic TV guide which was broadcasted over the cable TV in Europe (1992)

During the past 28 years he has made softwares, fully customized for many businesses.
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  • Television
  • Press
  • Navy
  • Transport
  • Diamond and Jewelry trade

Since 1999 he is acknowledged as "the" specialist in fully customized software for the largest diamond trade companies in the world.
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